2013 Fatman Fabrications Catalog is NOW Available


Get our Fatman Fabrications Catalog anywhere, anyplace and anytime!  At Fatman Fabrications we strive to get you the very best in service, quality and of course NEW Products.  Whenever we’ve got something new to share, you are always the first to know.  We’ve got our product website, an online version and a hard copy of our Catalog available to you whenever you need us.

Not only do we have a website that we can share all this information with you immediately, it is always good to know you have an online copy of our Fatman Fabrications Catalog right at you fingertips ready for you to dig through.  The Fatman Fabrications Catalog comes to you as a PDF file, most computers have no issues opening up these types of online documents.

Download the Fatman Fabrications Catalog Today!

If an online version is still not good enough, no problem!  We would be more than happy to send you a hard copy of our latest 2013 Fatman Fabrications Catalog.  Fill out our online form today if you would like for us to snail mail you a hard copy of our latest 2013 Catalog.

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No matter which way you receive our Fatman Fabrications Catalog we are sure you will find what you need it it!  We are continually updating our inventory in it, but also on our website too!  If you don’t see the product that you are after, don’t hesitate to Contact Us, we can supply you with right Chassis and Suspension Parts specific to your vehicles application.